We Launch Products

We have helped new startups use Kickstarter and Indiegogo to launch more than 10 products and go on to secure retail and online merchant success.


Some of our most favorite crowdfunding launches that have already blasted off and are now deep into orbit.

Recent Playables

Check out some of the product we've helped launch into space (and by space we mean success).


We helped launch Coreculum’s first product, the Coreculum Core Ball Complete on Kickstarter. The Core Ball Complete is a smarter, more effective workout tool! It’s a revolutionized medicine ball that has a built-in workout guide integrated to the ball itself. The Coreculum Ball raised over $42,000 on Kickstarter to become fully funded and beat their goal.

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We helped launch Revolar, an empowered safety device. Revolar’s Kickstarter campaign raised over $82,000 surpassing their goal of $75,000! After successful launch into orbit, Revolar went on to secure post-campaign venture capital funds and have now shipped their product all over the world. They are currently in every Brookstone and select Sprint and Best Buy retail stores.

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Middle School Moguls

We helped launch Middle School Moguls. The dolls promote leadership, education, diversity, and entrepreneurship for future business and tech leaders. The Kickstarter campaign raised over $52,000 to become fully funded and beat their goal!

Watch the Project Here

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We helped launch Sunscreenr, a great piece of technology that helps people stay protected from the sun while outside enjoying the things they love. Sunscreenr’s kickstarter campaign raised over $119,000 surpassing their goal of $45,000 by a huge margin! Sunscreenr has been featured in Mashable, Fox Business, and Tech Times.

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We Raise Funds

We create movements behind products and bring them into the light. We've helped our clients raise over $5 million in post-campaign venture capital.

Want to make a crowdfunding video? For Kickstarter? For Indiegogo? For a different crowdfunding platform? We can do that and so much more. We’ve helped our clients make an impact in more ways than one:

  • 100% Funded Success Rate on Kickstarter
  • Media Appearances
  • Story Development and Media Coaching
  • Launched 11 Products
  • Over $6M in Post-Campaign Venture Capital
  • Techstars Alumni
  • Shark Tank Appearances

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