FinTech Videos

We have a reputation for delivering creative, unique stories for our clients who work in the cross-sector of the financial and technology industries.

Cheddar Up

We helped Cheddar Up launch their product with this informational video. Cheddar Up is a brilliant product that falls in the fin-tech sector that helps moms, teachers, coaches, and others alike collect money for different teams and groups. You can see the overlaying motion graphics we used in combination with live action footage to capture the true nature of this mobile app.

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We created a video for Peer2Businessinverstor to explain how their financial platform is helpful for small businesses to grow and have access to capital. Learn how Phin & Phebes and Rocky Mountain Underground used P2Bi to catapult their small businesses to the next stage and how imperative it is for small businesses have access to cash.

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Hult International Business School – Global Rotation



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Hult International Business School – LEAP



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