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Speak Now! Colorado

The Speak Now Colorado campaign aimed to motivate parents of teenagers to talk with their kids about alcohol, drugs and substance misuse. In partnership with Evolution Communications Agency and the State of Colorado, we created 4 animated videos for this campaign. Two Spanish spots and two English spots with statewide reach.

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University of Minnesota Libraries

In partnership with the University of Minnesota Libraries, the Mighteor animation team has been working on creating an entirely new catalogue of training and education videos to help library users get the most out of their library experience. From how to find materials to how to access them to profiles of each of the tools – this two year project is helping thousands of students and researchers make the most out of their research.

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Edge of Seven

Nonprofits have a huge challenge – continue their excellent work while raising funds to do more work. This documentary style promo was used as part of their effort to help raise funds on an annual basis and has increased giving four fold since its release.

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Pause for Paws

Everyone loves dogs! But the truth is that dog rescues across the country face a wide variety of challenges in ensuring that they can help all the dogs that need help. This brand video was part of an ongoing effort to help those who regularly give to the organization SEE the animals they helped.

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