Health and Fitness


We helped launch Coreculum’s first product, the Coreculum Core Ball Complete on Kickstarter. The Core Ball Complete is a smarter, more effective workout tool! It’s a revolutionized medicine ball that has a built-in workout guide integrated to the ball itself. The Coreculum Ball raised over $42,000 on Kickstarter to become fully funded and beat their goal.

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We helped RollingFWD launch their product. RollingFWD created a vibrating foam roller for athletes and people who needed an added benefit to their foam rollers. The Kickstarter campaign raised over $41,000 surpassing their goal of $30,000.

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Skirt Sports

We helped Skirt Sports launch their Gotta Go Skirt. This product is for female athletes and runners who needed a quick and easy solution to having to use the bathroom while training and running long distances. The Kickstarter campaign raised over $61,000 surpassing their goal of $35,000 by leaps and bounds!

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Association for Non-Smokers Rights Minnesota



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We helped launch Revolar, an empowered safety device. Revolar’s Kickstarter campaign raised over $82,000 surpassing their goal of $75,000! After successful launch into orbit, Revolar went on to secure post-campaign venture capital funds and have now shipped their product all over the world. They are currently in every Brookstone and select Sprint and Best Buy retail stores.

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Mental Health Colorado

We captured a story about a brave man, Evan Silverman, who has lived with a mental condition for most of his life. We made this video for Mental Health Colorado to play at their annual Tribute Gala fundraiser. Their goal is to make sure every Coloradan has affordable access to health care not just for their physical well-being but mental as well.

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Speak Now! Colorado

We helped convey messages to parents with Evolution Communications Agency and the State of Colorado. The Speak Now! Colorado Campaign has a message for parents that there is never a bad time to talk to their kids about alcohol, marijuana, and prescription drugs. We created 4 animated videos for this campaign. Two Spanish spots, 15 and 30 seconds. Two English spots, 15 and 30 seconds.

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