Internet Video Masterclass

Internet Video Masterclass is a web series dedicated to helping brands, businesses, nonprofits, startups and everyone in between create more strategic and effective video content for the web.

Season 2

Released April 2017

The Anatomy of a Play Button

Too many people think of the play button as a promise to themselves.

This Internet Video Masterclass explains why the play button should be a promise to your viewers and why once they hit the play button it means they give a damn and that’s important.


Maximizing Video for a Multi-Platform World

Platforms are moving to become video first so there’s many places for your video to live online.

This Internet Video Masterclass explains why you should maximize your video content and post it to more than one platform, expand your reach and tap into multiple audiences.


Snapchat for Brands

Snapchat isn’t just great because it allows you to swap your face with virtually anything and it helps you connect with your friends in a unique way.

This Internet Video Masterclass explains why brands should leverage Snapchat to engage with their customers and use the platform as a marketing tool.


Binge-Ability and Brands: The Future of Marketing

Netflix and Hulu have made binge watching the new normal for consuming video content.

This Internet Video Masterclass explains why you should think of creating your videos with a similar approach that TV shows take and think of your content as a family or season that should fit together.


Facebook Live for Marketing

Live content is gaining popularity from people and brands galore. Facebook becoming video first means if you produce live content it will be all over people’s feeds for their viewing.

This Internet Video Masterclass explains why you should use live video content for your brand and leverage your audience already built on Facebook.


How Beyoncé Changed Internet Video Forever

Queen B is an American treasure. But she isn’t just a talented singer, songwriter, and actress.

This Internet Video Masterclass explains how Beyoncé has things to teach us about internet video and how she packages her content.


Season 1

Released July 2016

The Short-Running Time Lie

Short and sweet is overrated. While we all want to have viral videos and videos that go by quickly, there isn’t a lot of value in using it to create your content strategy.

This Internet Video Masterclass explains why you shouldn’t worry about the length of a video, but more so the content – and how you can take steps to improve your videos by simply focusing on something other than the ultimate length of the video.


Branding with Hip Instagram

Everyone loves loops and gifs, so how can you use them to attract fans, customers and internet eyeballs to your brand? Well, one way is through utilizing the feed friendly platform of Instagram.

This Internet Video Masterclass gives you a direct look into how you maximize your reach on Instagram by simply utilizing the parts of your content that you may have never imagined using in any other context. It’s like recycling for internet video!


Using Your CEO In Your Video

Who is the best person to star in your startup video? Probably the person in charge! But beyond your startup video, there are lots of ways in which your Chief Executive can be better utilized to improve your relationships with your customers, increase sales and just generate good will for your company.

In this Internet Video Masterclass, we teach you how your boss can be a star. Or if not a star, at least wildly popular with your customers. After all, who doesn’t want to be wildly popular?



Ensuring Facebook Viewership

Take over the Facebook timeline! Facebook video is becoming increasingly popular. So how can you use that information to help your brand get more exposure?

Well, when it comes to Facebook, there are a few things you can do to ensure that people don’t miss your videos when they are scrolling through their timeline on their phone, tablet or computer.

This Internet Video Masterclass explains how to edit Facebook videos to catch and keep audience attention. We can’t promise you’ll have the results of Happy Chewbacca, but you can improve the chances!



Stealing Netflix Trade Secrets

Why do you watch the things you watch? You might be surprised to learn that when it comes to Netflix, they have very sound science and data to back up the EXACT reasons why they present certain types of images to you.

In this Internet Video Masterclass, you’ll learn how to use those trade secrets from Netflix to improve the click throughs on your own videos. And improving click throughs means racking up lots and lots of plays.


Surprising Value-Add of Closed Captions

Closed captioning helps to maximize the value of your video in many ways. Whether it’s by helping you to tap into global markets or improving your search engine optimization, the simple task of transcribing and converting that text into a caption has a lot of power.

If your business is looking to tap into new markets, you should consider taking this inexpensive and helpful advice to heart.