Meet Mighteor Minneapolis: Our Midwestern Video Production Crew

Monday, October 16th, 2017

On East Hennepin Avenue, a couple of blocks away from the Mississippi River, in the middle of the Northeast Minneapolis art district, sits Mighteor’s second office. We’re celebrating an anniversary of sorts – our one year anniversary of opening up in this historic neighborhood and bringing excellent video production to the Twin Cities.



In addition to being home of our stellar Minnesota video production crew, it’s also the headquarters of our animation and motion graphics team. This is where we do our design, illustration and animation for our original 2D and 3D animation projects as well as our post-production work for adding custom animated elements to our live action productions.  




It’s easy to tell that this is a crew with an Instagram point of view. White walls, exposed brick, standing desks, minimalist art — it’s a social media obsessives dream.


Our Senior Motion Designer, Hayley Anderson, has worked hard to make the office look almost as aesthetically pleasing as one of her animations. The office is riddled with secret Mighteor art and projects – as well as imagery that represents our nearly five years in business in the market.


When our Founder and CEO, Elizabeth Giorgi, started the company, Mighteor was based out of Minneapolis. But during that entire first year, the office was in her home. Being able to drive up to the beautiful offices in Minnesota gives her serious chills.



The Minnesota pride is strong with this crew. Hayley’s a Minneapolis native. She’s in charge of all Mighteor graphics and animations – serving as the art director for our clients animation projects as well as the Mighteor brand’s queen bee.


If you want some impressive motion graphics, or just some awesome life advice, Hayley is your gal. We’re incredibly lucky and humbled to have her on our team.



Hayley isn’t the only person animating and designing beautiful graphics for Mighteor’s clients. Maddy Haynes, our brand new motion designer, has been with us for only a few months and has already created beautiful visuals that will certainly generate emojis from the scrolling masses.  



The Minneapolis office doesn’t only house the graphic design team. It also contains one of our talented videographers.



Chase Bortz was the second full-time employee at Mighteor. Originally from Denver, he moved to Minneapolis in June to help shore up the video team in the Midwest. Working with a bevvy of freelancers and our Minneapolis director, Lauren Shneck, Chase has been loving working with clients from the Minnesota Department of Transportation to organic bedding companies and Minnetonka Orchards.


Our Minneapolis office is rocking a Midwest is best attitude. But more than anything they are proud to be serving Minneapolis with professional video production, Facebook Live Streaming, mobile optimization for video and custom animation projects.  





Even though there’s just under a thousand miles between our two offices, we are all quite the family.


Minne Mighteorites rule.