Introducing Monthly Video Services

Full Service Video Production for Savvy Social Media Content Managers

How does it work?

Monthly video content on your schedule on your budget.

Budget Basics: $3,000 a Month

Every brand wants video. But if you want quality video done by professionals – well, it can feel out of reach. Our budget basics gets you a high quality video every month with the option to add smaller cuts to the mix whenever you want. It’s on-demand professional video production without the huge prices.

  • One Day of Shooting on Location Per Quarter
  • One Video Per Month
  • Optional Additional Micro Cuts for $250

Double Tapper: $5,000 a Month

When we increase the amount of video we produce for a client, we see one thing right away: People start coming back for more. Increasing the volume of video you’re sharing on all your platforms brings people back. In fact, people are 80% more likely to remember something they watched than something they read. So let’s get recording!

  • One Day of Shooting on Location Every Other Month
  • Option to Choose Animation Production Any Month
  • Two Videos Per Month
  • Optional Additional Micro Cuts for $250

Weekly Warriors: $7,500 a Month

Imagine racking up record breaking engagement levels on your Facebook page EVERY WEEK? That’s the kind of results our Weekly Warrior partners have seen by posting fresh video every week. And you had no idea you could afford it. Well, you can.

  • One Day of Shooting on Location Per Month
  • One Animation Per Month Any Time
  • Four Videos Per Month
  • Optional Additional Micro Cuts for $250
  • Optional Additional Shoot Days at a Reduced Rate

Video Powerhouses: $12,500 a Month

For the brands that aren’t holding back, this is the package for you. Quality video every month. Our full service production crew bringing your brand visions to life through animation, life action and documentary style content. Even live produced content if you like! Whatever you want to dream up that month – we’re here to make it happen.

  • Monthly Creative Briefings to Determine Content
  • Animation Services Available Every Month
  • Two Brand Spots Per Year
  • Optional Additional Micro Cuts for $250
  • Optional Additional Shoot Days at a Reduced Rate

What social media platforms are good for video?

Distribution Plan

With every video we deliver we also provide you with a 12-point distribution checklist to make sure your video is maximizing its exposure and your customers are seeing it on various platforms online. Have you ever wondered if your video should just be on Facebook or just on Instagram? This distribution plan will provide you with all the information you need to be confident in putting your video online and ensuring success across multiple social platforms.


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