We make the world’s best internet videos.


We have helped big brands, growing businesses and brilliant non-profits rack up more than 18 million views and earn international internet attention from the likes of the New York Times, Mashable, Wired, Forbes, Fast Company, The Huffington Post, National Public Radio and other cool kids. Here's how we do it:


Every great project (and dessert) starts with knowing who's eating it - erm - watching it. We dig deep to get to know your brand and your sugary goodness so we can deliver video for every set of hungry eyeballs.

Then, we script, we storyboard and we do all the brainy stuff involved in making great stories come to life.


Production days are like your birthday, but without the cake. We focus on you and bringing the vision we have so carefully crafted together come to life.

Our goal is to make you look your best with lights, cameras and all the other tools of the trade.


Perfecting a story happens in the editing. By selecting the perfect music, focusing on your audience's heart strings and bringing out your best moments - we ensure your playable has that little something extra to make it really pop.


If we were a popsicle, we’d be the bomb pop! Why? Because we make impacts with our videos.

Every client project is unique and we’re always here to help consult on how to get the most out of your new playable.


We are dreamers and doers with a love of beautiful storytelling and ice cream cones.

Elizabeth Giorgi CEO + Director

Emmy Award-Winning Director.

Webby Recipient. Credits with PBS + Discovery Channel.

Unabashed supporter of mint chip.

Lauren Schneck Director

TV veteran on shows you definitely watched.

Brilliant with a camera in hand.

Scoops of chocolate and lemon gelato, please.

(We know. It’s confusing.)

Olivia Abtahi Senior Videographer

Her pen is mightier than the sword, but not as mighty as her splice tool.

Creative filmmaker with 10+ years of experience.

Dale, dulce de leche!

Hayley Anderson Senior Motion Designer

Creator of joy making movements.

Masterful with a digital paint brush or a real one.

Loves peanut butter banana curry.

Chase Bortz Videographer

Born and bred Colorado cinematic talent.

Can’t beat a good old fashioned neapolitan.

Ryan Thomson Production Manager

Natural with a light kit. The heart and soul of every set.

Give the man rocky road and he’s delighted.

Maddy Haynes Motion Designer

Has the ability to bring things to life – digitally.

Paints with water colors and makes shirts for dogs.

Cake batter with a caramel swirl, so sweet it hurts. 

Evan Wiley Junior Videographer

Cinematic wunderkind. Loves all things 35mm.

Strategically eats the cookie dough pieces before the vanilla ice cream.

Rachel Joseph Production Assistant

Fights chaos and disorganization with a bold lip.

Not a Deadhead but she’s obsessed with Cherry Garcia.

Jamon Tolbert Production Intern

Filmmaker by day. Filmmaker by night.

Color grades better than the pros. Seriously, watch his reel.

Would drink cups of green tea ice cream if he could.

Thad Reeves Accountant

Number and bookkeeping extraordinaire.

Soldier of the Mighteor mint chip army.



Our job is simple: produce compelling video that makes an impact. We convert customers. Create rabid fans. Compel people to share. Help raise serious dough. Bring the eyeballs back again and again. And even get our clients on Shark Tank!

Here are some of our favorite measures of success over the years.


Energy created at the beginning of the universe condensed into the light on this reel.


Amazing storytelling collaborations that killed the dinosaurs.
Ok, not really. But they did make humans very happy. It’s almost the same.


Drop us a line. Tell us your favorite planet and movie soundtrack! Just for fun!


Love from our fellow dreamers.

Ensla Magazine

“Mighteor helped us take a few random ideas and convert them into a video that was shared around the world and featured on websites such as The New York Times, Slate, Fast Company, Huffington Post and many others.“

Todd Reubold

Ensia Magazine

Himle Rapp & Company

“You have a true ability for getting inside a client’s head to bring a vision to life.“

Stephanie Bornetun

Himle Rapp & Company

“Mighteor stepped in and really transformed our project. They went beyond our expectations and delivered something truly beautiful.“

Jake Winckler

Cozey 7, CEO

“Being on set with the Mighteor team is really empowering because they make you your absolute best. There’s not only coaching that goes into it but there is an atmosphere that’s really comfortable. It’s professional but it’s fun.”

Jacqueline Ros

Revolar, CEO

Internet Video

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