2015: A Great Year for Motion Graphics

Tuesday, January 20th, 2015

There’s a lot of seriously incredible motion graphics work coming out this year already. Ready to get totally inspired? OK, go!

Man Seeking Woman Opening Titles on FX

Things that I love about this: the black and white is simple and used incredibly effectively here. Each time you watch it, you notice something new and the sound design elevates the whole thing.

Pep Rally’s Launch Reel

Reel 2015 from Erica Gorochow on Vimeo.

Things that I love about this: color! It’s so seamlessly and smartly executed to create cohesive designs and movements. Plus, I just love seeing other ladies in business kicking ass.

Design is Experience: A Website Relaunch Video for Blitz

Design in Experiences from Hardy Seiler on Vimeo.

Things that I love about this: the use of different textures, specifically wood and stone makes me wildly happy. It’s so geniusly integrated and I can see how it might expand to other branded designs for the client in question.

What awesome mo graph work are you seeing out in the world? Anything that makes you squee with internet glee yet?