60 Seconds on Instagram

Monday, June 13th, 2016

Recently Instagram changed their logo and everyone on the internet freaked out. In a midst of changes to the platform (as well as its logo) Instagram decided to make a play at capitalizing on mobile video.

Engadget reported that the number of people watching video on Instagram jumped 40% in the last six months. With Snapchat taking on a larger role in the marketing and advertising space, reporting that they now have over 100 million daily users, it’s no surprise that Instagram is moving to where the people are and what they’re doing, which is watching video on mobile.

When Instagram launched video in 2013 video marketing and consumer habits were much different than they are today, as well as the devices users accessed the platform with. Adapting to longer form video, Instagram hopes to provide a platform that allows easy video sharing and for users to connect and engage with friends and brands.

These are some smart ways for brands to use the new 60 second video feature:

1. Longer Form Story. 60 seconds allows for 4x the amount of material. Use that to your advantage and create a longer story and engage users for the entire 60 seconds. Think of the additional amount of information you can provide viewers with 60 seconds compared to 15.

2. Create Mini Reels of Highlights – Like our slow-mo reel! Earlier this year we did a slow motion, black and white Instagram campaign called “Make an Impact”. This campaign featured our team and friends breaking, smashing, or dropping things and capturing the moments they “made an impact.” The videos were all 15 seconds but now that we can post 60 second videos we’ve combined the footage into a hyper-cut reel with some of our favorite moments. Check it out:

Our Make An Impact! Campaign from earlier this year is making a comeback. Here’s a hyper-cut reel of our favorite shots from the campaign. #slowmotion #blackandwhite #makeanimpact #glitter #gum #hairflip #chestbump #donuts #video #contrast #impact #mighteor

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3. Take Notes From Under Armour. Under Armour has taken advantage of the 60 second feature by creating interesting, captivating stories that are getting viewed, shared, and talked about. The first one is a tribute to Muhammad Ali and the second is from their #RuleYourself campaign. Check them out:

"Be among those who dare to dare.” – @MuhammadAli #GOAT

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@TheRock reminds us that nothing happens, unless you make it happen. #RuleYourself every day with #UAHealthBox

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