A New Era of Viewership – Where Eyeballs Meet Handheld Media

Wednesday, June 28th, 2017

Mighteor has found success creating video content that lives on the web. And with digital platforms expanding and changing consistently that success has come with learning new things about the shapes and forms of the content we’re producing. Most of those changes have been due to the increasing consumption of video on mobile devices and with no signs of mobile video consumption slowing down we conducted some research to learn more about mobile video data.

We wanted to check with consumers and make sure we understood how the various audiences we were creating for consumed video. Are millennials driving mobile video consumption trends because of their smartphone and tablet use? Do consumers prefer vertical videos or horizontal videos? Does the type of video determine that? Are people watching with sound or without? What video apps were driving the most traffic?

Earlier this year we surveyed nearly 1,000 video watchers to learn about their mobile video viewing preferences and answer some of our own questions.

Why don’t we plug in our headphones?

Do screen locks prevent us from seeing horizontal videos the “right way?”

Has Snapchat and Instagram influenced what kinds of videos we see?


As we work to become industry leaders in mobile video best practices – we wanted to go straight to the folks that watch the things we make.

Here’s some of the highlights from our findings:


  • Millennials are driving the changing shape of media
    • 74.9% of millennials reported to seeing video in vertical format in the last year
  • Millennials are using apps to watch video – 85% reported they access video through apps rather than their browser

  • Headphones are not a requirement for enjoying videos on smartphones for millennials
    • 50% reported they only use headphones when watching videos “some of the time”
    • 18.3% said they “never” use headphones when watching videos on their smartphones

  • Context improves viewer experiences
    • ⅓ of respondents reported that the information around the video was important to their viewing experience
  • Production for smartphone viewership matters
    • 77% of respondents said they stopped watching a video because it looked bad on their smartphone screen

The findings of the survey provided great insight into how consumers are watching both vertical and horizontal media on mobile devices. We know that the context surrounding the video matters and we know that optimizing the shape of the video for the end user and the platform the video will be played on is beneficial to viewership.

We’re proud to say that our findings have been featured both in the Denver Post and in Biz Report.

If you want to produce some original video content for the web and optimize it for mobile please reach out and drop us a line at hello@mighteor.com.