A Reminder from Science to Keep it Simple

Monday, November 3rd, 2014

We have the distinct pleasure of working with a lot of clients who need us to help them make complicated things, well, less complicated. Oftentimes, this means translating big scientific concepts or ideas and making them make sense through analogies or metaphors.

But every once in a while, you just have to believe that if you make something compelling enough, simple enough and yes, short enough, it will get through.


Take these incredible videos from Beautiful Chemistry. Their project is about taking specific chemical reactions or common chemistry experiments and simply showing them up close in super slow mo or sped up (depending on what makes the most sense) to give you an idea of what is really going on.

Can you believe that this is crystallization? It’s freaking gorgeous:

What I love about this is that they just followed the most basic rule of storytelling of all time: SHOW don’t TELL. There’s no exposition. No explanation. They just let the natural beauty of it all come through thanks to the tools available to them.

Another perfect example… This is Precipitation: 

They used high power cameras to capture these super macro real chemical reactions and notice that they only used graphics to point out the most important of details. Everything else is left as plain and simple as possible. To me, it’s a genius reminder to let beautiful things be what they are and as a creator, to get out of the way when we need to.

And my favorite? Metal Displacement:

There are a ton more great videos to watch more on their website, Beautiful Chemistry.net, so go check them out for little one minute jolts of awesome science and video storytelling.