Announcing the Make an Impact Campaign

Monday, January 4th, 2016

Face facts. You crave followers and favorites as much as you do the cups of coffee in your Instagram gallery. Selfies and food posts aside, your photos and videos are likely lacking a common aesthetic. Without one, you’ll never be Ansel Adams of the iPhone, let alone a popular account.

Looking at the 100 Best Instragram Accounts on Rolling Stone, it’s pretty apparent that they’re all individually curated towards a theme: Adventurists, NEON, and surprisingly (or not for this decade) the elderly doing things out of character. These accounts have hundreds of posts on these subjects, and resultantly, millions of followers.

Don’t sweat it, we’re just getting started ourselves. The Mighteor Insta went live only about two months ago. It’s been a slow buildup of content and followers. However, that’s all about to change… Two weeks ago we began our “Make an Impact” campaign. High contrast black and white smashes in slow motion. If lithographers were videographers, they’d sure be proud.

We hope your holidays make an impact. With love, from Mighteor. #video #startups #blackandwhite #slowmotion #makeanimpact

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We’ll be releasing one video a week for next few months, then opening up micro-media services to our clients for all of their social media needs. Now is the time o start building your Insta gallery for success.

Come follow us on Insta (@mighteor) for smashing good times. And let us know if you want to get started yourself with heart-grabbing likes and favorites by sending us a note at hello(at)mighteor(dot)com.

Chase Bortz is a videographer for Mighteor in Denver, Colorado