Authenticity is the Future

Monday, March 14th, 2016

I’m warning you now: if you love the advertising industry, its expensive, glossy offices and 40-person crews – then this post isn’t for you. If you’ve ever been on set for the filming of traditional ad spot, you know that there’s fancy catering and lots of beautiful people standing around in really nice clothing – And if you’ve loved every minute of that, then well, Mighteor isn’t for you.

But if you’ve ever thought: I want to work with creative people who don’t judge, who are invested in our success and who will push us to be our very best? Well, then yes, Mighteor is your ideal new squad mate.

At Mighteor, we believe that advertising is dying. Scratch that, we believe advertising is already dead. The insane budgets to both make the ad and the give it the distribution arms it needs to actually reach people – that’s dead. The over-the-top creative concepts drawn out from the strategic assembly of numbers and spreadsheets – that’s dead. The huge teams of 50 and 60 people all trying to get their fingers into a creative project – that’s dead.

When the market can no longer sustain a product, it starts to lose relevance. In our view, the market can no longer sustain advertising. I blame over-saturation. When you’ve got millions on the line and hundreds of jobs at risk, you have to prop up the system and make it seem like it still works – even when it doesn’t.

Say what you will, but the reason why Donald Trump resonates with so many of the American people is because of this very dynamic. When the media has been over-saturated with one type of message that is merely differentiated by a reorganization of wording and carefully crafted semantics, the messages blur and it all starts to sound the same. Someone walks in screaming and yelling and refusing to play by the rules of polite deference and well, people start to listen again.

So what do we believe? We believe that authenticity is the future. In fact, we believe authenticity is now. And the way that comes into practice at our company is clear from the beginning:

1. We will always share how we would think about approaching your project even before a contract is signed. We don’t believe that we own our creative ideas. In fact, we believe that by being honest and thoughtful up front, we’ll have more time to develop really great ideas when you do become our client.

2. Making great video isn’t about having top of the line gear. It’s about telling stories that actually have the capacity to hit people in the gut and make them feel something. That’s why we have open sets – our clients are always welcome and even better if they’re willing to lend a hand with a bounce board or help us lay gaffe tape.

3. Authenticity is about human relationships. This means that when we spend time talking about your concepts and your creative options, it can feel a little like a date because we ask so many questions. We are not the subject matter experts. By admitting that, we position ourselves to successfully work with you. So, why do you like what you like? Why work for this company or business? What makes you tick? What makes your company special? How do you celebrate wins? Somewhere in those details, we always manage to find inspiration.

4. Here’s another big one: arbitrary rules should be broken. Constantly. For example, the fallacy of ideal running times. Forget the standard: “it should be shorter than 2 minutes” idea. We have had clients who have experienced success with videos as long as 6 minutes and as short as 15 seconds. This is about you. Your story. And the time we need to tell it shouldn’t be dictated by some talking internet head.

5. Finally, we know that we don’t own the secrets to success. This is why every client project comes with a Free 12-Point Guide on Video Distribution – because we believe that if we are going to make this video, we should position you to use it the best ways possible. It maximizes your dollar and helps us to constantly improve on how we advise future clients.

This way of thinking isn’t exclusive to marketing, advertising and video production – I see it popping up in all areas of the world – from politics on the global and local scale to how investors are diversifying their portfolios to how retailers are organizing their stores. Let’s be part of an authenticity revolution together.