Behind the Scenes with Mighteor

Monday, April 18th, 2016

If you’ve been keeping up with our Instagram (@mighteor) – you know we’ve been shooting in all kinds of beautiful spots from the east coast to the mountains and the North.

To be clear, the Mighteor team had 6 shoots in 3 states in just a matter of weeks. Colorado, Minnesota, and Florida. Three vastly different environments and amazing, unique projects in each.

We’ve been in non-stop production and travel mode and we love it! Now that we’re home it’s time to share our favorite moments from the shoots and give a behind the scenes look at our crazy busy March and April.

Evergreen, Colorado:

One of our favorite moments of the past few weeks was experiencing sunrise in Evergreen, CO and a gorgeous sunset in Denver with Trendly.

Castle Rock, Colorado:

Sunrise and sunset are our favorite times to shoot. This 2-day production with Revolar had us capturing sunrise over the Colorado plains.

Edina, Minnesota:

We were honored to shoot the fourth and final installment of a campaign video for John Smaby with our partners Swim Creative. You really can’t beat those views in downtown Minneapolis.

St. Paul, Minnesota:

Street photography is some of the most compelling stuff on the internet – so this concept came to life in St. Paul for our shoot with ANSR and Clearway. We found an aesthetically-hip mural and backdrop for this shoot.

Denver, Colorado:

The views of downtown Denver were a stark contrast to the budget motel in the south suburbs for our client TripSafe.

West Palm Beach, Florida:

Finally, we traveled to Palm Beach County, Florida with our client Sunscreenr to shoot a crowdfunding video. We got to shoot on marvelous, white sandy beaches in Jupiter and Juno Beach and soak up the sun.