Best Video Apps for Every Situation

Monday, September 15th, 2014

Our CEO and Founder’s blog,, is super nerdy and a lot of fun. But sometimes, it’s also super helpful. This is one of those times. Here’s a post Liz just wrote for those who want start creating awesome videos with their smartphones:


Best for Editing: iMovie

Yes, it’s $5, which is annoying, but if you’re serious about being able to do EVERYTHING in one app (meaning cut clips, add music, add text) then iMovie is the answer. Otherwise, you’re going to be using pieces from the apps below. For me, I tend to use iMovie when I have multiple clips I want to splice together and not so much for when I have one clip I just want to perfect.

Best for adding Filters: Instagram or iSupr8

Obviously I love instagram and the whole world knows what it is, but if you want to spend a little coffee money and you have an appreciate for film, I recommend spending the $1.99 on iSupr8.

Best for Slow Motion or Adjusting Frame Rates: SlowPro

iPhone 5s brought a 120fps video recorder to our smartphones. iPhone 6 is going to double that. So just imagine the super slow mo awesome stuff you’re going to create with this app. Plus, it’s free. No excuse not to download it.

Best for adding Text: TextonVS

A lot of the other video editors will allow you to add text, but not necessarily attractive fonts. Gotta love TextonVS for this. It gets bonus points for also being the Best for changing Hue and Saturation on video.

Best for Stabilization: Hyperlapse

They just changed the game when it comes to creating awesome stable video with the iPhone. Can’t wait to see it on iPhone 6.

Best for Time lapses: Hyperlapse or Lapse It

For longer videos or for people who just prefer traditional time lapse or stop motion to that of Hyperlapse, I can’t recommend Lapse It enough. The on screen functionality for adjusting ISO, f stop and aperture are pretty spot on as well. For $1.99, you can go PRO and unlock a bunch more cool features.

Best for getting 16×9 video on Instagram: CropVS

The free version of this awesome little app allows you to scale and rotate video. AWESOME. It’s especially handy when you consider the workflow for the Hyperlapse app. If you create a landscape Hyperlapse (and why wouldn’t you, because DUH, this is video we are talking about) – you NEED this app. It will allow you to rotate crop into a square shape for the Instagram sharing awesomeness. So yes, it gets bonus points for being the Best for creating and sharing landscape Hyperlapses. 

Best for adding music: FLY

Many of the apps I mentioned above will allow you to add music, but I have found that the built in automatic fade in/fade out function of FLY has made it my favorite. Just pick the song and the second marks you want for in and out points and it does the rest.

That video above was created with the following workflow: Hyperlapse for stabilization > FLY for music > CropVS for rotating and adjusting to 16×9 within square. Just a word of warning: currently if you try to import a video that was shot in landscape from Hyperlapse to Instagram, it won’t let you rotate it, so you have to add this step in your workflow.