Congratulations RollingFWD!

Monday, September 21st, 2015

If you haven’t noticed, we have a knack for crowd-funding videos. In fact, every campaign we’ve produced for has been successfully funded. Call it coincidence, I call it awesome, just like our clients.

In this case, we’re highlighting RollingFWD who recently launched their Kickstarter.

Founded by Mark Gonglach, an outdoor recreation enthusiast based in Boulder, Colorado, RollingFWD is a vibrating foam roller designed for endurance athletes and anyone looking for a faster means to recovery after their workout.

We filmed with the company for two days, meeting some excellent people along the way. Jamie, a pole vaulter has dreams to make it to the Olympics. Will, a professional triathlete uses RollingFWD to bring his body to it’s full fitness potential.

We wish Mark and his team the best of luck as they roll forward with their product, all puns intended. In the meantime we’ll keep up our Kickstarter momentum, continuing to embrace new technology clients and the like.