Cozey 7: Warming Hearts and Children

Monday, November 9th, 2015

Living an active lifestyle in Colorado and having kids can prove to be a challenge for families. If this sounds at all like your life – we totally hear you. And so do one of our newest clients, Cozey 7.

Cozey 7 just launched their Kickstarter last week and are already well on their way on achieving their goal. And with good reason. The mother-son team behind Cozey 7 strive to make the best clothes to protect your little ones from the adverse conditions of the outdoors.

“We believe kids who grow up kicking it on trails and wading through streams become stronger, better people.”

It was great working with the Cozey 7 team and we’re so excited for them to reach their goal. Cozey 7’s mission is something that really resonates with us. Here at Mighteor we love the outdoors and try and live the active, Colorado lifestyle. We’re excited we got to work with Cozey 7 who created this line of clothing for kids after finding an existing lapse in the market. Co-founder Jill frequently hiked with her grandson Ari and needed a better way to protect him from the harsh Colorado elements. She found existing outdoor clothing didn’t prove adequate because it all seemed to be grown up clothes shrunk down to kid sizes. In addition to that, wrapping him in a blanket wasn’t practical and didn’t allow him to move around and experience nature in full.