Creating a Crowdfunding Video that Counts

Thursday, January 29th, 2015

Investing in a crowdfunding video can be one of the largest marketing expenses new startups will take on in the initial stages of building the company. Plus, it’s a huge risk. It will be a major contributing factor to getting funded or not.

It’s pretty simple: great products with great stories get funded.

And telling that story through video is a crucial component towards successfully funding the campaign.

As you’re planning your crowdfunding video, consider the following:

Get to the point: In the first 30 seconds, be clear about what the campaign is for and why it needs to exist. Don’t get caught up in making an ask right away or telling the world who you are. This doesn’t mean you have to say it with words, either. If you can successfully SHOW people the amazing product you have to offer, then just show it off.

Walk through the basics: Think of your product video as an investigation. The potential backer is learning about your product and they need to know some basic information before they can move ahead. What is it? How does it work? What problem is this solving? How does it look? How large or small is it? Why is it better than others?

Be open and transparent: This is a lesson that all crowdfunding campaigns can learn from documentary filmmakers. When people get to see beautiful footage or a new interview or something that hasn’t been captured on film before, it makes them feel like an insider. And insiders like to give.

Leave the perks out: Too many videos get weighed down with extra information like what the money is going towards and what backers will get in the mail. Keep the video simple and use the rest of the webpage to describe all the perks.

On the day of your shoot for your video, remember: have fun! This is the beginning of your success. You are about to ask a lot of people to help you make this happen and you need to feel all that even before you hit “launch” on your campaign.