Debunking the Idea that Short Run Times are Better for Video

Monday, August 8th, 2016

If you work in content marketing, you’ve probably been behind the scenes during the development of an online video or two. And if you have been part of that process, you know that most people run around with a very specific idea in their head: IT NEEDS TO BE SHORT!

As part of our Internet Video Masterclass, each week we will be highlighting one episode from the series and this week we’re jumping into a question we hear a lot and cover in this episode: Are Shorter Videos Better?

The simple answer. No.

But to better understand it, we need to wrap our minds around why this idea exists in the first place. We call it the “Short Running Time Lie.” It’s a lie because it insinuates that you can make a video better simply by making it as short as possible. When it comes to your content strategy, I believe this idea came to life because of advertising.

For years, we have been applying the rules of marketing and advertising to the world of internet video. Instead, we should be applying the rules of storytelling. And the rules of storytelling teach us that we need to focus on keeping the audience engaged from 0:01 until the very last minute, no matter how long it lasts.

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