Five Apps Every Videographer Needs

Wednesday, December 17th, 2014

The truth about working in production is that there is tons of stuff. Gear bags. Big. Small. Then’s there’s the paper: releases, shot lists, location details. Over the last few years, I have managed to get rid of some of the excess and make my life simpler with the help of apps.


For Location and Photo Releases: Shake Law (FREE)

This helpful app allows you to digitize the entire process of getting photo and location releases. One of the most helpful features is that you can take a picture of the individual and connect it to the release for long-term keeping.

For Shot Lists: Shotlister ($13.99)

The old paper on a clipboard method is great, but I’m a huge fan of this app, because it takes everyone one step further. One of the best features is the ability to estimate how long a shot is going to take and then record how long it actually took – so you can get smarter for future pre-production planning.

For Storyboarding: Paper by Fifty Three (FREE)

While the old pen and paper are always a great start, putting together something that can be accessed by quite a few people and look somewhat decent is pretty easily done with Paper. The built in shapes are super helpful for abstract shot planning and the addition of the Pencil can make it even more specific if that’s your style.

For Keeping Track of Budgets: Expensify (FREE)

It can be really easy for a lunch here and a coffee there to go unrecorded and never get factored into a production’s budget, but this app makes keeping records and receipts handy super easy to do. The exportable reports plug into other common accounting software too.

For Replacing Your Clapper: Movie Slate ($29.99)

This is an expensive app, but it does simplify a few things that will save you money and time later. First, it digitizes your clapper in a way that makes it super easy to connect with your shot log. The other winning feature is the ability to rate shots within the clapper, so when you go back to review footage later, you can look at shots you rated as 5-stars and move onto the rest later.