Get Your Motion on with our 2015 Animation Reel

Monday, December 21st, 2015

Since our very first video project as a company in 2013, we have believed in this one thing: animation can help bring complicated stories to life in ways that traditional film efforts often can not. In working on our 2015 animation reel, it became clear that this foundational idea still holds true.

We are strong believers in integrating live action footage with animated elements. Whether it’s animating a bird to indicate when a hidden product is present or making extremely detailed climate science more relatable for the viewer – we’ve had some really big wins this year in utilizing this technique. Heck, these two videos were featured on Fast Company and The New York Times, respectively.

Our clients are the best. We say it all the time, but we really mean it. If you’re looking to combine animation and live action in your video projects in 2016, we’d love to be part of that process with you. Then we can say you’re the best too. Reach out at