Get Your Vote On!

Monday, November 7th, 2016

Tomorrow is Election Day.

Not that you didn’t know that. It seems EVERYWHERE we look, someone is talking about the election.

We could bore you with all the blah, blah about civic duty and the importance of participating in the democratic process. But instead, we want to talk about how traditional political ads kinda stink.

It’s not often that you see a political ad that’s animated, has a little personality and doesn’t really much care about whether or not you have a candidate. That’s where some of our awesome clients step in.

With our partners at Himle Rapp & Co. – we worked on two great policy-based projects and brought a modern eye to both ideas.

An animated wallpaper with a growing leaf in a campaign video!? We know. We love it too.

Simple, sweet and animated. Can’t get any better.

The Grow Minnesota Food Plan highlights the 400,000 jobs that are impacted by the agriculture and food industry and the importance of supporting candidates who are in favor of supporting those industries. Did you know that Minnesota is the leading state in supplying food to the US and the rest of the world? Learn more about the Grow Minnesota Food Plan here.

We love some rhyming. Poetry. And good, old fashioned storytelling. That was the creative direction behind State of Great, an effort by the Coalition of Minnesota Businesses to put a focus on supporting great companies in the state. Learn more abou State of Great here.

No matter how you vote, I think we’ll all be relieved that the political ads will be over. Unless they’re Mighteor spots – then, keep them coming!