Going on Camera? 5 Tips for Being Awesome

Wednesday, November 26th, 2014

We spend a lot of time coaching people to be better on camera. For some, this skill comes naturally. But trust us, that many is a very, very small sliver of humanity.

Whether you’re representing your new start up on a local news station or just want to start your own web show, these tricks will help you kick ass the next time you find a lens pointing at your face.


1. Your smile is your best asset. You don’t need immaculate Hollywood teeth to look good on camera. A genuine smile is the first thing people notice, so don’t be afraid to show those choppers. If you’re appearing on camera with another person, smile at them! Not only will your viewers feel more comfortable watching you, your fellow on camera guest will also be more comfortable.

2. Do some serious posture prep. Want to look svelte on camera? Want people to think you’re trustworthy? Proper posture will go a long way. Practice standing and sitting with perfect posture and strengthen those back muscles before the big day.

3. Avoid white clothing. Yes, people will often tell you that white is crisp and clean and neutral, but it just doesn’t look good on camera.

4. Wear your favorite color. If you feel good when you arrive on set, it will show when the cameras start rolling. A simple mind trick can be wearing your favorite color. And hell, who doesn’t love an excuse to buy a new top.

5. Listen. Carefully. With all the thinking about posture and smiling and saying the right things, it can be easy to lose track of what others are saying. This is especially dangerous in an interview situation, but it can also get you in trouble with directors. If you listen, others will notice and treat you with a great deal more respect. Plus, you’ll sound smarter if you answer the right question.