Goodbye Traditional Method of Visual Storytelling! Hello, Docu-Experimentation!

Tuesday, April 26th, 2016

Idea. Concept. Storyboard. Script. Then lights, camera, action. We have found success in crafting amazing concepts and storyboarding and scripting these ideas to bring stories to life on screen. We have created sharable, captivating stories for our clients through animation, live action and everything in between. But if you’re a brand ready for something much riskier with a potentially much larger reward, let us introduce you to something our founder, Liz Giorgi, has coined: Docu-Experimentation!

A few years ago, Liz did a short film with Twin Cities Public Television that garnered some serious conversation. The idea was to do a social experiment around something we all love: pizza.

As creatives and a creative/visual company we always want to do something a little different and push the boundaries a little further – and it works! Last year, we worked with our client, Why Not Sundays, to produce this Docu-Experiment and we loved the results:

Why Not Sundays? from Mighteor on Vimeo.

But you know what results were even better? The THOUSANDS of emails people in Minnesota sent their legislators after seeing this video. This kind of technique means you won’t always know what you’re going to get – but sometimes what you do get – well, it smells like Mighteor magic. (AKA meteorite dust.)

So how could you do this?

Well, you could find out just exactly how people feel about your product by doing on the street interviews.

You could put your product through a grand adventure with one of the world’s most talented basketball players and document his or her experience.

Or you could give your product to a bunch of dogs to see just how rugged it truly is!

The possibilities are endless. All you have to do is be ready to take that chance.