Happy Kickstarter Kick-Off to Coreculum

Thursday, July 23rd, 2015

We love working with start-ups on their new Kickstarter campaigns. Especially when their products are well-designed. It gives us a lot of inspiration for their videos. That was exactly the case with Coreculum, our latest client to launch a Kickstarter!


A couple amazing things about this shoot: We used Rise Fitness, a Crossfit gym in Stapleton, Colorado for the location. The cool tones of the colors were really dynamic and were the perfect setting for the shoot, especially in contrast with the colors of the ball.

We shot this on the Sony FS700, because we knew we were going to do some slow-mo footage. There’s something about traditional fitness videos that are really boring, so we storyboarded shots that played with the frame a bit more and really relied capturing he body movements in 120 frames per second and playing with the timing in the edit. We had so much fun with it that we even cut a sizzle reel too:


The Core Ball Complete is Coreculum’s first product. It is an innovative medicine ball complete with 16 workout guides to strengthen and tone your entire body with a focus on the core. It is a workout tool and workout guide in one that enables you to hit all the major muscle groups.

If you’re a fitness fanatic who wants to try out the newest and latest gear, Coreculum is definitely worth checking out. You can check out their Kickstarter campaign here.