Ladies Opening Weekend: December 2016

Tuesday, December 13th, 2016

This whole thing started with a mission: support female led films on opening weekend whenever possible.* If you want to read more about why, you can read that post here.

This time of year is an awkward thing: it’s when we are reminded that women don’t win awards in all the big ceremonies – but it’s not because women aren’t making movies – they just aren’t making as many as men. How do we move forward? By voting with our dollars to support the very few films that do feature, star and are written and directed by women at a time when blockbusters are getting all the attention. With that, here’s your December with ladies opening the weekend:


Things to Come (Directed and Written by Mia Hansen-Løve)
A philosophy teacher soldiers through the death of her mother, getting fired from her job, and dealing with a husband who is cheating on her.

Jackie (Starring Natalie Portman)
Following the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy fights through grief and trauma to regain her faith, console her children, and define her husband’s historic legacy.


Miss Sloane (Starring Jessica Chastain)
In the world of political power-brokers, Sloane takes on the most powerful opponent of her career and will do whatever is required to win.


Rogue One (Starring Felicity Jones)
The Rebellion makes a risky move to steal the plans to the Death Star, setting up the epic saga to follow.


Julieta (Starring Emma Suárez and Adriana Ugarte)
After a casual encounter, a brokenhearted woman decides to confront her life and the most important events about her stranded daughter.


Toni Erdmann (Written and Directed by Maren Abe)
A father tries to reconnect with his adult daughter.


One additional note before I go: I am not able to tell you if these movies are objectively good or feminist friendly, as I have not seen all of them. The point of this list is to give you a place to start. The truth is that we don’t have a lot to choose from, but part of the battle is giving you the information. Information is power. However, shared knowledge is also key. So if you see one of these films or have seen an early screening, please let us know if you recommend it or not in the comments.

This article was originally posted on Elizabeth Giorgi’s blog Being Geek Chic on 12/5/16.