Meet Mighteor: Our Founder & CEO

Wednesday, July 29th, 2015

When I got my degree in journalism, YouTube didn’t exist. Vimeo was just a mispronunciation of the word, video. And DSLRs certainly didn’t shoot anything but static images. Mighteor ONLY exists, because these things do. But Mighteor also exists because of awesome people. So why don’t we meet some of them?




I’m Elizabeth Giorgi, the founder and CEO of Mighteor. Prior to starting the company, I got my start working a variety of journalism and media jobs. I wrote about technology for Apartment Therapy, produced video for the University New Service and edited television shows for Big Ten Network. In 2010, I was nominated for a Webby and won an Emmy for Science of Watchmen, a documentary short about the physics in the comic book movie, Watchmen, in one of the first years when online video content was considered. My directorial work has been featured on The New York Times, Wired, Fast Company, Forbes, Scientific American, NPR, Gizmodo, the Huffington Post and Forbes. My short film, Tidal Wave Girls, opened at the Walker Art Center and was selected as Minnesota Independent Filmmaker film of the year in 2014.

Stargazing is my first love. It’s no wonder we’re named after the concept of a mighty meteor. Kayaking and paddle boarding are the things I dream about at night. After opening our office in Colorado a little over a year ago, I’ve also become obsessive about hiking, which I always enjoyed but takes on a special meaning when you’ve got mountains in your backyard.


I’m obsessed with Bee and Puppycat, an original YouTube animated series that chronicles a little girl and her cat that smells like a dog.


As a woman, I never thought I could be a director. It sounds crazy to me now, but other roles were where I saw women working, so I followed those. When I worked as a P.A. at PBS and saw women working as Associate and Executive Producers, I assumed that would be the trajectory for my career. But things changed because of good mentors. And not even female ones. When I worked for the University News Service, I was finally shown a different path when a colleague took it upon himself to teach me modern editing. (Things had changed a lot since college…) The same year, YouTube came out and our team had tremendous success with the platform. My boss encouraged me to keep following the online content path and it led me to a leadership position there.

After leaving to work at a Minneapolis agency, I realized I didn’t want editing and producing to be my ceiling. Those jobs are vital and crucial and important. But, for me, having ownership over the story became my passion and my purpose.

At Mighteor, I direct nearly all our shoots. And to be honest, our clients are kick ass, so they don’t mind. But I have noticed that I am not just a minority in the cities where I work as a director, I’m also a minority in the tech scene, which we are also a part of because of our DNA as an internet company. On several occasions, my roles as director and CEO have been met with looks of surprise and shock. Being a female in not just one, but two male dominated industries used to frustrate me, but now it excites and motivates me.

So I love production because I have a purpose here. There is meaning here. There are stories to tell here. There are female perspectives that should be tapped here. And I’m glad Mighteor is on the forefront of doing that.


Clear story. Personality. Authenticity.


Papakolea Beach on Hawaii’s Big Island. The beach is made up of olivine sand, which gives it a green hue. It’s an isolated cove that can only be accessed by foot or extreme Jeep. And it’s just beyond stunning.


I’m going to create my very own mashup here. Wes Anderson. Nora Ephron. Miranda July. Michael Gondry.


I’m totally obsessed with the Rokinon 35MM CineLens. I think it produces an incredibly crisp image and the color profile it creates in combination with the Canon 5D Mark III is just beyond. On top of that, it’s stupid affordable for budding filmmakers.


Tweeting at @lizgiorgi. Instgramming at the same handle. And blogging on nights and weekends at Podcasting about Sherlock Holmes cause I’m a nerd like that with the Baker Street Babes.