Why Mighteor is a Great Place to Work

Tuesday, February 27th, 2018

Every once in a new moon, Mighteor is hiring. And that’s great news for you!

But before you apply, we want you to know a little more about our company, our culture and our philosophy so you can determine if we are a good home for you.


Mighteor is one of the few production companies out there that hires its crews full time. That means that, through thick or thin, you’ll have a stable job in the film industry, and will know your crew every time you step onto set.

While most freelancers meet each other on set for the first time on a shoot, our Mighteorites know exactly who they are working with on every shoot.

Our employment model is a rarity, but the truly exceptional statistic about Mighteor is its people. With 50% women, 30% people of color, and a slew of folks from all different creeds and backgrounds, we are truly a diverse place to work.

Unlike the production models of yore, Mighteor prides itself on being organized by leadership and not authority. Instead of hierarchical rule, we thrive on collaboration and initiative. From the PA to the director, everyone gets to pitch in ideas and contribute, whether in the office or on set.

For many, the title of “Director” is very important. For us, what you contribute is what matters most.

All of this also means: we expect a lot. We expect you to give your best every day. We expect you to treat everyone with respect. And we expect you to get to know our clients and our projects inside and out. There’s no room here for people who want to feel important.

In short, the reason Mighteor is so wonderful to work at is because it’s created a formula for a non-toxic production environment. Our model is one that thrives from the bottom-up, setting up every employee for success instead of the top-down approaches that only rewarded a few. And that, my friends, is what makes the biggest impact.

So is that you?

Are you ready to hustle and give your colleagues your best?

Good, we want to hear from you.