Our Clients Make an Impact

Monday, March 7th, 2016

We have the best clients. People you cannot beat. That’s why we often don’t call them clients. Most of the time, we call them collaborators, because we’re invested in each other’s success. We hope that comes across in our new testimonial video.

Video is the dominating the internet. How? Well, it’s the king of search engine optimization. It’s the best tool for engaging customers on social. And it’s emotionally powerful. However, It may seem challenging and confusing if you’ve never produced video. That’s where Mighteor steps in.

First, we dig into what makes your company or vision unique and what makes your brand stand out from others. With that information, we begin to spin the best narrative possible. We tell your story like a legend, so everyone knows how amazing you are, and feels encouraged to share with friends. From start to finish, we have the secret sauce that makes your story shine and come to life. It’s nice to hear that the people we’ve worked with agree.

Special thanks to Rex from Yellow Schmello, Jacqueline Ros from Revolar, Jake Winkler from Cozey 7 and James Roy II from Urbanity Advisors.