Shuri: The Animated Explainer With Attitude

Monday, June 20th, 2016

Our most recent animated projected was an explainer video for Shuri, a networking mobile app that keeps teams and companies organized and on the same page. Shuri believes that teams should harness the power of their networks and they should be able to communicate effectively and efficiently.

Who says animated explainer videos have to be straightforward and boring? Sometimes being sarcastic and witty to get the point across can go a long ways.


Having colorful animation doesn’t always mean that there has to be the same nice, easy-going attitude that you see in other animated spots. Shuri allowed us to think outside the box and push the boundaries and let us be upfront about saying, “We know networking sucks, but we make it suck less.”

We believe that this provided us with the ability to create an animated video that didn’t follow the same formula that most other animated explainer videos seem to follow. The end result is a witty, creative video that we think makes Shuri stand out and be different as well as get their point across.