Snapchat, Instagram Stories and How Your Brand Can Start Telling Video Stories Right Now

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2016

Snapchat has been a popular place for millennials, people who are bemused by face swapping technology and brands that want to be hip. As we watched the platform grow, we’ve also seen how brands have become obsessed with being young and fast and fun with the platform – but even if your brand isn’t like MTV, we can help you understand how to be hip with the face swappers.

The Discover portion of Snapchat has been leveraged by big name brands as a multi-tool to reach their customers for a variety of reasons including:

  1. Authenticity – With Snapchat it’s easy to post genuine, behind the scenes interactions to the platform. Users know what they’re seeing is true content not being faked or glorified to make it seem creative and beautiful.
  2. Creative Freedom – With the amount of filters and ability to post content in 1 to 10 second increments Snapchat allows users to have creative freedom to publish stories and content in an infinite amount of ways.
  3. Length/Duration – Snapchat allows posts to be 10 seconds maximum so even if users only tune in for a short period of time chances are they can watch a significant amount of content and still feel connected.

Snapchat was the only platform that allowed for videos to disappear after 24 hours and have a uniqueness of duration of availability. For example, if Nike wanted to show a behind the scenes look at a line of new shoes coming out they could put that video on Snapchat and their customers would only have 24 hours to view that snap. This expiration timeline makes users engage with their favorite brands on a daily basis to make sure they don’t miss any important information and footage.

Snapchat had the competitive advantage for this reason until Instagram entered the arena. In August Instagram introduced the “Stories” feature in one of their updates that allows users to post short-form video to their profile that expires in 24 hours. If you’re thinking about getting started with these platforms, here’s a helpful video from our Founder and CEO on how to start using your day to day business life in video content: (0:55-7:50)

Video is the future. And Live Video is definitely a huge part of that. How do we know? Well, we’re not alone. Andrew Hutchinson of Social Media Today said, “Less than a month after the launch of Instagram’s Snapchat-cloning “Stories” feature, the company has revealed that the new option is already being utilized by more than 100 million people every day.” Link

Instagram may not take users away from Snapchat but competing against Snapchat with this form of content shows that video in short-form and video on mobile devices is only going to rise in 2017. Are you going to capitalize? We’d love to team up and help with your social strategy.