Talking Taboos with The Gotta Go Running Skirt by SkirtSports

Monday, October 19th, 2015

Every single woman knows the frustrations of nature calling, when all your surrounded by is nature, forced to wander far from your path, be discreet, be clean, and have your stopwatch or your friends wait on you. Have no fear, the Gotta Go Skirt is here.

We are so proud of our client SkirtSports and the launch of their Kickstarter for The Gotta Go Running Skirt. The people spoke, and Nicole DeBoom listened. Nicole is the Founder of SkirtSports and took on this taboo challenge with the intention of breaking the barrier and leveling the playing field.

For The Gotta Go Running Skirt Kickstarter video we interviewed Emily, Dawn, and Patti. Emily is an ultra-marathoner who races for an upwards of 10 hours. Her body has adapted to digesting food while moving, but she is still forced, like all her fellow female runners, to plan around finding and stopping for porta potties. Dawn is a half-marathoner and mother, and boasts impressive personal records. Every second matters for Dawn, but omitting lengthy bathroom breaks is (until now) not an option. Patti is a lifetime runner and mother of four. She helped us talk frankly about the issues at hand, and how The Gotta Go Skirt provides emotional and physical relief.


“The only running skirt with a trap door and relief hatch so you can answer nature’s call without baring your assets.”

If you are someone who faces these challenges or know women who do, share the link and contribute to the Gotta Go Skirt Kickstarter by SkirtSports so it can be made into a reality. Reserve your skirt and your mama’s skirt because nobody likes a porta potty!!