The 5 Dont’s of Crowdfunding Videos

Tuesday, October 13th, 2015

1. Don’t Copy Other Crowdfunding Videos

There are so many videos that start exactly the same. How many times have you heard, “Hey Kickstarter!” at the beginning? Instead, think about how you can really introduce the story of your product, your company, and your vision. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look for quality inspiration, but rather, that you should try to make sure your story feels uniquely yours.

2. Don’t Waste Precious Minutes on Perks

No one is supporting you for the t shirt or the sticker. I promise. So don’t spend precious seconds or minutes of your video going through those details.

3. Don’t Mention IndieGogo, Kickstarter, or whatever platform you’re using in the Video

The platform you are hosting your campaign on is just providing a service. There is nothing novel about using the platform anymore. By not wasting time talking about this, you make sure you are focusing on story, inspiration and getting people to act.

4. Don’t Forget About Uses for the Video POST-Campaign

A video is a big investment, so try to think about how else you might use the video after the campaign is over. Will it go on your website? Social media? In your pitch presentations? Try to make sure that it will be applicable to these settings as well to maximize your investment. This may mean editing the video slightly or recording a bit extra on your shoot day, but a good video production company will prepare you for this kind of planning. (Ahem, we ALWAYS talk to our clients about this.)

5. Don’t Forget to Tell People What You Want Them to Do

You want them to pre-order your product. Say that. You want them to tweet? Say that. You want them to tell a friend? Say that. If you don’t say it, people won’t know to do it.