The Hidden Product – Product Video

Wednesday, November 4th, 2015

How do you make a product video when you can’t actually show the product in action? Not because the product wasn’t available, but rather, because a key factor in its functionality is the ability to use it while its hidden. About 10 months ago when we started working with Denver-based startup, Revolar, this was the very challenge we aimed to solve.

Our initial brainstorms resulted in a lot of simple ideas, like text call outs on screen. And a lot of complicated ones, like a nearby bird armoring up and protecting a person in harm’s way. We knew two things: one, that we didn’t want to create anything that would be visually distracting. And two, we wanted something that could carry over from the company’s first product video into all future iterations of their storytelling.

Jackie Ros, Founder and CEO of Revolar, often talks about how she came up with the idea for their first product after her little sister was attacked twice before the age of 17. Anyone who knows Jackie knows that she isn’t one to just wait for a solution. She’s a maker. A creator. So, she went to work creating a small, hidden button that users can wear in the location of their choosing. When they feel in danger, they simply push the button and their  emergency contacts will be notified of your location via text message.

After thinking through those steps, it became clear that the visual needed to travel on AND off screen. Communicating that a text message is being sent wouldn’t be very exciting, so we thought: why not make the bird a stand in for that kind of communication? In shots that are more lifestyle driven, the bird is a symbol of recognition that the person on screen is wearing the product even though the product is not viewable. Then, when we need to communicate that Revolar is in action, IE, communicating with emergency contacts, the bird serves as an informal indicator that this action is taking place.

This kind of communication really resonated with people. While we knew it would be a risk for the Revolar team to buy into our vision, we are so glad they did. Again and again, people tell us that they really like the simple connection between the bird and the product.

Revolar recently graduated from the TechStars Boulder 2015 class after successfully raising $83,000 on Kickstarter earlier this year. Here at Mighteor, we are so excited to see the future of this incredible startup.