Things We Made Recently: Dolls for Future Girl Bosses

Thursday, June 18th, 2015

One of the best parts of working for Mighteor is that we are regularly inspired by our clients. They do things that are so cool, so revolutionary and beyond the ordinary that it’s hard not to get excited.

iBesties is one of those clients.

iBesties is books and dolls that inspire little girls to get involved with tech, entrepreneurship, STEM and collaboration. The little girls in the story are “Mini Moguls” if you will, navigating middle school and the tech world at once.

When I met the women behind iBesties, I was impressed by two things: first, they were trying to tackle a market that is full of problems. I could write a novel about the problems with Bratz and Barbies, but I will spare us all. Second, they weren’t just trying to make dolls, they were trying to tell a story and really bring little girls a new perspective.

Obviously, it was our honor to do the video for their Kickstarter campaign. If you have a daughter, cousin, niece or just know an amazing little girl – please go check out their campaign and consider pre-ordering an iBesties book or doll or both.