What We’re Watching Right Now

Monday, January 12th, 2015

Winter is the best time of year to hunker down and catch up on media. And right now, we’re living in a media renaissance where all the rules about distribution, content creation and programming are all being broken. It’s great for our eyeballs.

Here’s what we’re watching that’s coming out of new media models.

On the streaming front: Transparent

The secret is definitely out, especially after they went and won a Golden Globe last night, but this show is just beyond. The acting. The format. The fact that you can sit down and stream one after another. Showrunner Jill Soloway dedicated her Golden Globe last night to her “mapa” – her trans parent who inspired the show and you can tell how much of her heart is really in it.

On the YouTube front: Cut Video

Remember that video everyone lost their minds over in the final days of December of the sweet grandmas smoking weed? That was Cut and they’re finally unrolling their plans for 2015. One part social experiments, one part internet fodder and one part shock factor… they are creating a new form… I’m going to tentatively call it doc-shock-comedy.

On the Indie Comedy Front: What We Do in the Shadows

If you’re sitting there thinking: I’m so over the mockumentary format – I agree with you. How about vampires? And zombies? Over those? Me too. Absolutely sick of them. And then I got a screener of this movie. And honestly, it’s all these things and it’s just so damn funny. It reminded me that not only is there still plenty of territory in nearly every genre to get a laugh, it’s so much better when an indie crew just does what the hell they want to do.

On the Documentary Front: New York Times Op-Docs

Since unveiling the new format early last year, the New York Times has been slowly turning this format into can’t miss viewing. The short format also lends itself to regular release, which is fantastic for content junkies.

What media are you watching that’s coming out of non-traditional media models?