Why Being a Woman-Owned Business Matters

Monday, August 14th, 2017

It won’t come as a surprise to you that Mighteor is a woman-owned business. We don’t try and hide it — in fact, it is one of the things about our company that we are the most proud of.


Mighteor was named #7 on IvyExec’s list of top women-led disruptive businesses to work for in 2017!


Being a woman-owned business is part of who we are as a company; it’s what makes us Mighteorites. And we believe here at Mighteor that women-owned businesses matter.


In the early part of 2016, Mighteor became a Certified Women-Owned Business. We decided to go ahead and start the certification process, because it sends a strong message: we believe that more women need to be represented in leadership at all businesses.


So if you’re thinking about hiring a business owned by a woman – here’s what you can expect:


Women are innovators.

We are inventors, and engineers, and filmmakers, and composers, and authors, and we are not going away. According to a study conducted by womanable.com, between 2007 and 2016, the number of women-owned companies has increased by 45% with over 11.3 million businesses currently owned by women which generate a massive $1.6 trillion in revenue. That’s a huge market, a massive source of employment, and an important part of our economy. And we aren’t stopping! These numbers grow every year.


Women challenge the norms.

An influx of women-owned businesses changes the culture and norms of not only the individual companies themselves, but entire industries, and and eventually the entire professional world.

According to a study published by Forbes, women tend to offer more benefits such as material leave, paternal leave, and longer vacations. Then, the numbers begin to roll in: these employees are happier, healthier, and more productive than the older, outdated systems that are still the norm in America. This will lead to other businesses beginning to look to these women-owned businesses as leaders and innovators.


Women are a better investment.

The facts are undeniable: investing in, supporting, and doing business with women-owned businesses is good for the economy, good for the individual employees, and good for the workforce at large. Women make up over 50% of the population, and therefore hold half of the country’s buying power and half the country’s workforce. It’s time for us to invest in women, and invest in a future we all can share.


Check out this episode of Mighteor Monday where our own Liz Giorgi sits down with fellow female entrepreneur and CEO of our partner Women Who Startup Lizelle Van Vuuren to discuss the importance of supporting women-owned businesses, and women supporting each other: