Why We Give Back (Women Who Startup)

Monday, August 21st, 2017

At Mighteor, we strive to make an impact (it’s our namesake, after all — though our goals are a bit different than killing the dinosaurs). From what we shoot to the ways in which we shoot, we are always excited to help move technology and film into the future. Which is why it’s important for us to make sure we use our resources to help others who are trying to do the same. And at Mighteor, we enjoy dedicating time and service by being the media partner to Denver-based Women Who Startup.


Women Who Startup is an innovative company designed to open a network, a platform, and resources to a global community of female entrepreneurs and innovators founded by Lizelle Van Vuuren (aka one of the most passionate and badass ladies you’ll find this side of the Rockies!)


As we’ve discussed in a previous blog, women business owners are invaluable to the world of business. As a woman-owned business, we are passionate about the work that Women Who Startup does and what they stand for. Being a woman-owned business is not just about being a business — makin’ dough, snatching up clients, getting awards — it’s about holding up and supporting other female entrepreneurs who may be struggling, or may be having a hard time finding their niche or their corner of the market to disrupt.


Our work with Women Who Startup includes giving exciting and disruptive female entrepreneurs a space to explain their story and their business. Here’s our very own Liz Giorgi discussing Mighteor with Lizelle at one of the Basecamp events:


We volunteer our work for Women Who Startup because it is a cause that we truly, passionately believe in. Whether it be through the Basecamp event series, the Women Who Startup Summit, or any countless other platforms and networks, Women Who Startup makes an impact, and we here at Mighteor are pretty excited about that.


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