Women Who Startup wants to know, what’s your story?

Monday, October 5th, 2015

Starting Up is no easy feat. Often it’s born from a place of raw inspiration and refusing to settle. Chances are, you know someone or have your own story about gritty starts and the daily grind. The #WhyIstartup campaign by @WomenWhoStartup wants to gather and share your stories.

Women Who Startup is a community to celebrate, connect and empower Women Founders, Women Who Code, Women Who Tech, and female entrepreneurs in Denver and beyond. Mighteor has thoroughly enjoyed working with Women Who Startup on numerous occasions. Liz Giorgi, our founder, starts up well. Under her direction, we produce compelling videos and animation for Denver startups and their crowd-funding needs.

#WhyIStartup: Because women are under-represented in tech AND production. @lizgiorgi

#WhyIStartup is a Social Campaign by Women Who Startup to gather feedback from female entrepreneurs as to why you startup. Leading up to September 25th, Women Who Startup collected the stories of entrepreneurs to find out more about their driving forces The outcome – strong feminine voices reminding us precisely why we should be investing in women. See the website here.

Take a look at the video we showcased at the Women Who Startup Summit last week, featuring some of our favorite #WhyIStartup stories. Follow @Womenwhostartup on Twitter and continue sharing #WhyIStartup! Do you have a great startup story or know someone who has been driven to create their own business? Your tweet could be in the next video!